Errata (English Edition)

Library of Congress Catalog Number: 2006923637
ISBN 0-7643-2429-2


Unfortunately, as Schiffer did not give us a chance to see the page proofs, the names of our supporters who have a so-called Umlaut or the special German ß in their names appear somewhat garbled. Correctly, the names should read:

Wolfgang Mühlbauer
Dr. Lutz Budraß
Günther Ott
Rainer Hönle
Christoph Möller

Furthermore, some wiseacre at Schiffer, in the preface and throughout the book, changed the name of Alfred Mlsna to "Misna" for incomprehensible reasons.

We apologize to all of these people, and sincerely regret these easily avoidable errors, which any editor worth his money should have found - or let the authors find. 

Last but not least, the preface is an updated version of the original one and dates to August 2005.


Chapter 1: Background

None. Minor errata corrected, compared to the German edition.


Chapter 2: Genesis of the Ju 388

 p. 53, 2nd column:
The [Ö] should actually read [...], indicating an omission from the original source.

 p. 54:
The correct name of the Junkers apprentice mentioned is Kurt Rusch.


Chapter 3: The Variants of the Ju 388 Multipurpose Aircraft

 p. 67:
Apparently, nobody attempted to translate the description of the elements of the fuel system shown in the figure in p. 67 . However, this figure will be made available with a translated description on the Ju 388 website. Please check back later!

 p. 74:
"pattern aircraft": small translation error here, the German Musterflugzeug should translate into "sample aircraft" in the sense of a first aircraft equipped to a series standard.

"change notification 20924/44": should correctly read change notification 2092/44, dated September 5, 1944

 p. 75, upper figure:
Addition to the caption: The picture shows the Ju 188 V10, which was equipped with BMW 801.

 p.78/79 :
The correct unit for wing load is, of course, kg per m².

Minor errata of the German edition, especially regarding Ju 388 M and Ju 388 V11, corrected.


Chapter 4: Power Plants and Propellers

 p. 102:
Somebody forgot to fill the line "Drag caused by external ram-air intakes" in the 2nd table. The values should be:

at ground level:
A: + 0.08
C: -8 

at maximum boost altitude:
A: + 0.03
C: -4

 p. 103:
"A Merseburg production aircraft (WNr. 340 083) was tested in this series state on 30 August 1944...": The reference to footnote 235a, should be included here; the footnote itself is correctly printed on p. 389.

 p. 111:
Somebody erroneously chopped off a "2" from Ju 288 V5 in the 2nd column.

 p. 113:
In the 2nd column, somebody changed "Direktor Cambeis" in the German edition/manuscript to "Director Madeis", which is of course nonsense.


Chapter 5: Factory Testing of the Ju 388

 p. 129:
Not that it matters much, but the test flight with Ju 388 V7 on February 6th, 1944, lasted 1 minute longer than stated in the book.

Compared to the German edition, this chapter has some more details on the test flights, particularly on the pilots involved.

To be continued...

If you discover more errata, or have additional information on one of the subjects dealt with in our book, please let us know, as we are always interested in improving quality even further!

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